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Bleeding Bjork influence, Dhanya tells a tale with mournful melody in “Lesson.”

It’s a spellbinding trip of a song; at once electronic and delightfully analogue. Piano plods into synthetic pads – building an intense yet serene atmosphere.

There’s a wealth of sounds on display in Dhanya’s exotic track. The result feels ceremonial, ritualistic, and tense. Her musings are tastefully expressed over colliding sounds. She’s mellow for much of the song, then briefly soulful and large. It feels like growth in progress. Lesson learned?

Dhanya’s voice folds in at you from the edges of the song, over the clear-cut clamor of Eastern instruments and synthetic additions she beckons. Like a siren just out of sight, she leads us astray.

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There’s a wealth of sounds on display in Dhanya’s exotic track. The result feels ceremonial, ritualistic, and tense.

How a Venezuelan artist captures so clearly the tone and ambiance of Eastern music is a mystery to me. Coupled with the complexity inherent to its 7-beat rhythm, “Lesson’s” convincing take on Indian sounds is impressive to say the least. The whole of it plays like a lullaby of sorts, but less comforting and more thought-provoking.

I was surprised to have been reminded of Radiohead’s “Pyramid Song” while listening to this. “Lesson” is busier though and less reliant on percussion as “Pyramid Song.” Dhanya’s track also unveils itself continuously, with poignant, changing lyrics throughout.

At the song’s end, you’ll get Massive Attack chills; particularly in the piano progression. I like a lot about “Lesson,” but the cohesive story-telling is my favorite part. What do you think?

Dhanya's take on Eastern sounds is experimental and atmospheric. Solid track with loads to love for any and all Bjork fans.

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