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Phoebe Ryan on a chill kick; Boston beauty, Jenna Lotti, is clean and straightforward in “Warning Signs,” the first release off her forthcoming EP.

Sonically polished and clean as couture, “Warning Signs” is a gentle listen for an evening of intimacy, but perhaps too tame to stand apart from the crowded corridors of today’s pop genre.

Lotti’s vocal delivery is on point throughout and pleasing to listen to – anthemic in chorus and placid in verse. Emotion, hope, inspiration; this song gives you feels for sure. I could play this on a clifftop somewhere, sun at my back, silhouette stretched across a mountain range.

The string-plucking intro nearly fooled me into thinking it was “Mr. Brightside” by the Killers. A nice touch among quite a few others in the tune. The vocal accentuation is particularly clear and concise with choice bell chimes and brief reverberating key stabs permeating the air.

On the side of technicality, “Warning Signs” pushes perfection. No extraneous, misplaced notes or sounds of any kind. Everything’s neat. Everything’s nice. Everything’s predictable, but the best pop productions break the standard formula enough to surprise listeners. We need an edge here and there!

Lotti’s creative direction and choices are elegant and understated, but could use a bit of spice. Not too much, mind you… Just enough to sustain intrigue.

A more adventurous beat would suit this song beautifully. Think Sade’s “Sweetest Taboo;” undoubtedly chill yet much more memorable. Even a solid stretch of near-acapella singing would work well here, a-la Imogen Heap’s “Hide and Seek.”

I find the omission of the currently impulsive techno “four-on-the-floor” chorus strikingly refreshing and the song is solid overall. I just feel something important is missing here. Something singular and unforgettable…

What do you think? Could “Warning Signs” do with something more or is it right where it needs to be already? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to leave your own ratings and reactions to the song below.

Warning Signs
Jenna Lotti's ambitious new single gets much of the current pop aesthetic and direction right with proper dynamics, smooth vocals and cohesiveness throughout. It could use a solid differentiator to set it apart from the crowd, but is a solid listen overall.
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