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[dropcap size=big]F[/dropcap]RENSHIP is an anomaly; Indie/Electro-pop worn loudly and proudly, with layers upon layers of sound you never stop discovering. Subtle bits of funk, hip-hop, new wave, and rock all revealing themselves with every playback. Appearing on the Los Angeles music scene in 2013, FRENSHIP managed to fly below the radar until 2016’s Truce – EP containing two mega singles “Capsize” and “1000 Nights.” At almost 500 million combined listens on Spotify between the two singles, I was extremely curious to see how everything came together in a live performance. Playing a sold out crowd at Rock & Roll Hotel, in Washington, D.C. the band opened with two songs off 2016’s EP, “Carpet” and “Run Wild.” Musically the songs couldn’t be more different, “Carpet” was the tease, easing into the set with a feel-good almost slow jam vibe, and “Run Wild” taking power up a few notches with synth heavy minimalist drums and an infectious energy that had every single body in the crowd moving. FRENSHIP delivered on every bit of promised energy and then some, deftly able to maneuver through a mix of their older songs like 2014’s “Morrison” into newly released material like “GOODMORNING, Goodbye.”

“Don’t look at me so defeated
You know it breaks my soul
I still feel your heart beating
When I’m on the road
I guess I left you for the radio
I gotta find my sunshine
I can’t come back for you
Don’t you give me time
I can’t come back for you
This is good morning and goodbye
Good morning and goodbye”


The night ended on a high point without an encore but back to back performances of both hit singles, “Capsize” and “1000 Nights.” Every single body in the crowd was moving to the non-stop energy of the band. Simply put, recordings of the songs can’t do the live performance justice. FRENSHIP has to be experienced in person! They’re currently on their US Tour through June 5th and should not be missed!

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