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Bogan Via – “Videos” Reaction

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“Videos” is imbued with a palpable, yet tasteful sensuality which only makes this gem sexier. A voluptuous song without a trace of vulgarity, it’s the kind of song you’d imagine hearing in a classy, lavish strip club where stripping is a form of art, the art of seduction.

“Videos” is slow, but rhythmical and dancy, pulsing with mystery and desire. The distinctive sensuality streams especially from the enigmatic vocals which waft in the air like gentle, magical threads, wreathing and luring the listener into their lair. They tease and invite without begging for attention, never giving anything away or going all-in, setting the imagination on fire.

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"I Want You, I Want You Too" is the kind of song you can dance to in the club or daydream to at home. A gently melancholic, electro-pop street-beat gem.
"Concealed Little Weapon" is a dose of nostalgia for the 90s rock and grunge classics, but with its talented creator's unique and elusive touch.
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The "I Found You" music video does exactly what good music videos are meant to do – visually portray the feel of this stylishly simplistic and playful song.

The deep bass which permeates Videos is the perfect backdrop against which such vocals can stand out and enchant the senses. It’s like an internal, invisible pulse which seamlessly seeps into your being and makes you sway as you savor the magical vocals in a deep state of trance.

And just like that, the song has sneaked away, like a fleeting memory you wish would linger just a while longer. Another awesome song by the versatile, LA-based synth-pop duo Bogan Via.

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Bogan Via - "Videos" | Reactions | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS
Bogan Via – “Videos” Reaction
Bogan Via and their music are hard to pin down, but if we had to, "Videos" is the kind of tastefully sensual song you’d imagine hearing in a classy strip club.

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