Ghost X Gardens – “Concealed Little Weapon” Reaction

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“Concealed Little Weapon” is another peculiar and captivating song by Ghost X Gardens which instantly conjures up the ’90s grunge and alternative rock currents and their best practices. But the record doesn’t just rely on nostalgia to invoke affinity and love, but rather on its very own unique spin on those missed musical genres and its creator’s elusive, yet memorable touch.

“Concealed Little Weapon” pivots around a very simple, yet catchy, guitar melody, somewhat reminiscent of The Smashing Pumpkins’s sound. However, the whole song feels more melodic and distinctive, with a very nice, snappy rhythm to tap to, with charmingly laid-back, yet powerful and slightly hoarse vocals to sing along with. This combination made a much stronger impact on me than The Smashing Pumpkins and the likes, and it also might on those who lean more toward classic rock rather than all-out indie and grunge.

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If I didn’t know better, I would have definitely thought it was a song that was made at least 25 years ago. That being said, the song doesn’t sound like an attempt to milk nostalgia, but rather to build on it and create something many old-school rockers would love and also be somewhat surprised by. And even if Ghost X Gardens did intend to capitalize on our yearning for the past, I for one, am not complaining.

Concealed Little Weapon was recorded in the legendary Chelsea Hotel, just like Ghost X Gardens’s other song “Hitting The Bricks,” and considering how different the two tracks arethe artist might hold a promise for both greatness and musical unpredictability.

What’d you think about the song?

Ghost X Gardens – “Concealed Little Weapon” Reaction
"Concealed Little Weapon" is a dose of nostalgia for the 90s rock and grunge classics, but with its talented creator's unique and elusive touch.

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