Trevor Hall – “Wander” Reaction

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A slick two-step beat and a whispering voice make this song a winner in my eyes (or ears?).

“Wander” is set to release on Trevor’s new album, The Fruitful Darkness soon and what an album it’ll be.

Trevor’s special musical recipe in “Wander” is mesmerizing and fresh; definitely worth a listen. Should the energy hold up throughout the entire album, he’ll have something truly gorgeous.

So many smooth sounds converge at once on each chorus of this track, it’s a real marvel they don’t crowd the soundscape too much. I love the imagination Hall has put into “Wander.” You can’t help but get a sense of the vibe he injected into it. It’s a simple song, but his inflection and reggae-esque stylistic choices capture your attention immediately.

This song is tantric, overtly spiritual but not too full of itself.

This song is tantric, overtly spiritual but not too full of itself. The Jack Johnson influence is noticeable, but overshadowed by everything that makes the track so memorable; tone, tempo, effects and such.

The rhythm is consistent throughout and carries listeners competently from verse to chorus to verse… Bombastic beats aside, it’s the little touches here and there that truly set “Wander” off.

It’s eclectic and bright. It’s electric and analogue. It’s unique, to say the least.

Trevor raps over Asian acoustics – adding raspy, breathy chants to echoing mandolin spice and mixing well.

If wander were a dish, it’d be authentic pad thai, but with a dollop of ice cream to delight and confuse you.

I loved it, what do you think?

Trevor Hall has whipped up a low-key masterpiece in "Wander." A multitude of influences coalesce in this track as something unique and glorious. Overall, enticing stuff.

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