Mike WiLL Made-It - Ransom 2

Mike WiLL Made-It – Ransom 2 Reaction

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Mike WiLL Made-It has quickly turned himself into one of the biggest names in hip-hop through his immense catalog of production work with artists coming out of Atlanta. I’ll admit, when I first heard his stuff, I liked it, but I thought he would become one note and fade away shortly like so many producers do. To my surprise however, he’s shown an immense range, working with all types of artists from Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus to Future and Kendrick Lamar. I now think he might just have the potential to leave a musical legacy like the Dr. Dres and Timbalands of the world. Nowadays you can’t be a top producer without your own album and he’s now on his second one with Ransom 2.

The production is the most obvious aspect of his albums that draw people to them. When he’s been responsible for so many modern hits and the general sound and direction of music today, you have high expectations for an entire project bearing his name. Overall, I found the production to be just mehhh. Not bad but not great either; this is not a case where he keeps all of his best beats for himself. That’s not to say that there’s not some great production on here, there is, it’s just that I’ve heard so much better from him on other people’s projects. “On The Come Up” is my favorite song off Ransom 2, with some truly chilling opera(?) vocals and knocking bass. Sean should’ve begged to put this one on his album. There were a few other standouts like “Aries (YuGo)” and “Bars Of Soap,” but in general there was nothing that really left an impact on me. The biggest culprit of this being “Perfect Pint.” While it was solid, it didn’t live up to the potential it presented.

“What you know ’bout bein’ down and out?
‘Til niggas sayin’ you the best man
Like your best friend walkin’ down the aisle
When you make it, they gon’ say
I owe you and all kind of vowels”

Since Mike WiLL Made-It doesn’t actually rap, or really lend any sort of vocals to his tracks, the burden of bringing his production to life falls squarely on the shoulders of those artists he enlists to help. While he does amass a fairly impressive list of artists, some frequent collaborators and some not so much, it’s a wildly mixed bag in terms of the quality of each song. If you’re not a fan of this new generation of rappers then you most likely won’t enjoy this album because quite frankly, most of them just suck and take away from what could have been interesting production. A solo Swae Lee absolutely ruined a banger of a beat on “Bars Of Soap”, Lil Yachty made me skip “Hasselhoff” entirely, and most disappointingly Kendrick Lamar delivered a rather uninspired guest verse on “Perfect Pint.” All in all, outside of some occasionally interesting production, Ransom 2 doesn’t leave much of an impact and you’d probably be better served listening to what he has to offer on other artist’s projects.

Have you heard Ransom 2? What’d you think about it? Was there any song that really stood out to you? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to leave your own rating for the album.

Mike WiLL Made-It - Ransom 2
Ransom 2 Reaction
While there were some flashes of potential on Ransom 2, they were few and far in between and some of the most interesting production was often dragged down by some truly weak features. It never left much of an impact and you've surely heard better Mike WiLL on other artist's projects.
On The Come Up
Razzle Dazzle
Aries (YuGo)
Hard Passes
Big God
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