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Logic - Everybody
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I’ll admit, that at one point in time I was a slight Logic hater. I hadn’t actually heard too much of his material but I always remember thinking he was such a cornball whenever I saw an interview or anything of that sort that involved him. I’ll admit it, I was ignorant to what he could bring musically. That was until I heard The Incredible True Story, and to say my views on him changed drastically after that would be an understatement. It made me go back and revisit all of his previous work and it had me seriously considering listing him among hip-hop’s upper echelon with the likes of Kendrick, Cole, and Drake. But before I could do that, I needed to hear how Everybody would turn out.

Goddam the kid can seemingly do no wrong when it comes to his production. For a largely independent act the quality of production he’s able to gather up is quite impressive. Everybody is literally full of heat from beginning to end and it might just be is his best produced album yet, and that’s saying something. I’ve learned throughout the years that you just can’t teach that ear for production. Some artists have it, some don’t. He definitely has it. There’s such a varied offering of styles here from the harder more prototypical rap beats like “Killing Spree”, to the more upbeat “Mos Definitely”, to the gospely “Black SpiderMan”, and everything in between. And yet somehow not a single song sounds out of place and they all compliment each other extremely well. The only song I wasn’t feeling all that much was “America.” While a dope concept, I just couldn’t get with it’s production and the annoying vocal loop it’s got going on. Outside of that one slight misstep the soundscape on Everybody is immaculate.

Everybody, anybody, somebody fill the void, somebody fill the void
Listen, I don’t wanna work a job, motherfuck a 9 to 5
Every time I get a check, what I really get? Robbed
Livin in America, this shit is a facade
But you gotta push through and persevere, word to God
Tryna find a home, but I can’t afford a home
‘Cause I’m 25 and owe a hunnid grand in student loans

The one area I was concerned with going into Everybody was with Logic’s lyrics. Not because I don’t think he’s skilled, quite the contrary, I think he’s an absolute beast and from a purely rapping standpoint I think he could go toe to toe with damn near anyone. I was concerned that with the subject matter of the album that he mighty come off heavy handed and preachy. There were a few cringe moments on here, especially on “Black SpiderMan”, but for the most part he handles the subject matter with enough subtlety as not to detract from the largely enjoyable listening experience. Concept albums are extremely hard to pull off, but he was mostly successful in doing so. So much so that I don’t mind letting the skits and interludes play through without needing to hit that skip button every time, and this album more than anything has really given me a lot of insight into who Logic is as a person and that made me care that much about who he is as an artist. It’s time to have a serious conversation about placing Logic among rap’s current greats.

Have you heard Everybody? What’d you think about it? Do you think he pulled off his concept for the album? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to leave our own ratings and reactions for the album.

P.S. That hidden J. Cole verse at the end of the album is damn near better than Cole’s whole last album.

Logic - Everybody
Everybody Reaction
Concepts albums are an extremely hard thing to pull off, especially ones that delve into the subject matter that Logic does. While it's not a perfect execution and there are some moments of heavy handedness he's still able to inject it with enough subtlety as to not take away from a largely enjoyable listening experience and it's production is his absolute best yet. Logic is getting better with each passing album and it's time we talked about him among rap's greats.
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