Kodak Black - Painting Pictures

Kodak Black – Painting Pictures Reaction

Kodak Black - Painting Pictures
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When I first started hearing the name Kodak Black and started learning more about who he was, I couldn’t help but sigh and be dismayed at the general direction this new generation of rappers was taking hip-hop. Now not everybody, but a large majority of them (especially the ones getting the attention) were making headlines and getting attention for everything but their music. This was the case with Kodak, every headline he was a part of was pure ignorance so I never gave his music a chance, but I kept hearing from people who’s opinions I generally respected that Painting Pictures was worth checking out, so that’s what I did.

To say that I was surprised at the quality of the music would be an understatement. I was expecting the usual mindless trap music you hear these days, but when it came with the smooth, old school country rap inspired “Candy Paint”, I didn’t know what to expect. The overall production was much more refined than I expected to hear; there were some real gems on the album. “Day for Day” is one of my favorite songs off the album and it’s dripping with emotion, “Feeling Like” sounds like the type of horn lush instrumental you’d hear on a Ross album, and “Tunnel Vision”…What can I say about about “Tunnel Vision” but god damn! That beat is fireeee, the flute’s making a strong comeback in rap lol. Painting Pictures isn’t perfect, there are a number of songs that I regularly skip, but in general there’s a lot more hit than miss and that’s something I was not expecting from the project.

“You know I’m a hot boy, but I ain’t never lose my cool
The streets on fire, that’s why I’m ridin’ with my tool
1800 block boy, I’m quick to give a bitch the blues
I was already sentenced, before I came up out the womb
Streets done already sentenced me, before no cracker could
And I wonder why, when I’m just so fucked up out the hood”

That same level of unexpected refinement in the production extends to his lyrics as well. If I was to classify him as a rapper, I’d say he’s like a mix between Boosie and Wayne. In fact, when I first heard him I actually thought he was from Louisiana. Now he’s nowhere near as technically skilled as Wayne but he makes up for that in pure realness. Painting Pictures is the perfect name for the album because the content and delivery is so frank and real that I could see and feel almost everything he was saying on the album. There’s your usual rapper bravado but he bares his soul in way that’s unexpected from someone only 18. I used to think he was a complete jackass, but after giving Painting Pictures a chance, I have a much clearer understanding of who he is as a person and why he is that way. He’s a project baby with surprising amount of depth.

Have you heard Painting Pictures? What’d you think about it? Were you as surprised by the depth displayed as I was? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to leave your rating for the album.

Kodak Black - Painting Pictures
Painting Pictures Reaction
I used to think Kodak Black was a complete jackass, but after giving Painting Pictures a chance, I have a much clearer understanding of who he is as a person and why he is that way. He's a project baby with surprising amount of depth. An unexpectedly great album.
Tunnel Vision
Day for Day
Coolin and Booted
Feeling Like
Hard Passes
Save You
Side Na
Patty Cake
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