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Thick and thoughtful, “Shadow” oozes folk and forces contemplation.

John Hufford’s mellow new tune came out recently – highlighting the upcoming release of an ambitious new album entitled Sleep which is set for release on December 15th.

As my first introduction to John’s work; I was pleasantly surprised by the simple intricacy of this track and thoroughly enthused to put it on a loop. Hufford has composed a wonderfully intimate listening experience that truly tells a story and fully realizes his expressive intention in this song.

In “Shadow,” poetry mixes with pleasure and pacifies the mind. Tone and tongue intermingle – elevating an unpretentious tune to terrific heights. In one fell swoop, this track proves it doesn’t take much to make something sound sweet – in fact, it often takes less.

It’s the little things in “Shadow” that grow on me with each listen; it’s down to Earth and accessible, yet indulgent enough in the cute stuff to keep my attention.

The whimsical blips that dot the chorus are just different enough to take this song somewhere special. From mundane memory to abstract imagining. Lovely. If “Shadow” were a campfire song, they’d be the fireflies.

“Shadow” is elegant in its simplicity. It has heart, a shuffling beat, and pleasantly distracting little noises; everything it needs to glow in the dark.

Hufford’s voice rings out amidst echoes throughout the song – layered yet clear as day over a dynamic, restrained soundscape. Channeling Neil Young, he waxes poetic on love and light without wading too deeply in verbosity.

Though the instruments are kept to a minimum, the chorus comes in like a big band, albeit a quiet one; all clamor and jubilee on a road of reflections.

All in all, “Shadow” is Earthy and solid, but imaginative enough to stand out from the crowd.

What are your thoughts?

Shadow Reaction
Hufford's simple song, "Shadow," is whimsical and imaginative enough to stand out, yet simple and straight-forward enough to get its point across. I loved it and long for more of this type of music.
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