Video Roundup 10/16/16

Video Roundup 10/16-10/22

There was a lot of good music videos to come out this week. We got new drops from established artists like A$AP Mob, Chance the Rapper, and Ty Dolla $ign, as well as some surprises from up and comers like Maggie Rogers, Kami, and Lance Skiiiwalker. Check out some of the gems I picked out this week.

Maggie Rogers – Alaska

Maggie and this song shot into somewhat viral fame when she thoroughly impressed Pharrell during one of his masterclasses. Well that song finally gets the visual treatment and it definitely meshes with her intention of creating dance music that’s infused with her folk background. The song is dope and she’s definitely got a unique vision, so she’ll be one to be looking out for in the future.

A$AP Mob – Money Man/Put That On My Set

The Mob is back and they look to be gearing up to drop some new heat. We get a taste of what’s to come with a 12 minute short film set in London. It’s typical gangster fair but laced with those signature A$AP visuals. Plenty of blacks and greys, quick cuts, and trippy visuals. It’s a dope little short film and the two accompanying songs are fire. “Money Man” is in their usual vein of hype music with banging bass, but “Put That On My Set” is the real star of the show. They flip the same sample Dre did on The Chronic and it’s pure vibes with a dope feature from Skepta. Check this one out, they do the music/visuals better than almost everybody out there.

Ty Dolla $ign – Stealing

Dolla $ign hits us with visuals to one of his songs from his latest album Campaign. The song itself is a cool little ballad about how he’s a criminal because he’s been stealing girls hearts. The video is as minimal as the song itself, as it’s just a close up shot of him singing. That is until the camera starts to pull back and reveals he’s actually in jail. Cool song, cool concept. Worth checking out at least.

Dillon Francis – Anywhere

I stumbled across this video and it’s a cool little dance song I’ve heard in the clubs more than a few times now. The video has him dressed as various fashion pieces. It’s nonsensical for sure, but done all in good fun.

Action Bronson – Durag vs Headband

Action Bronson might be the funniest guy in rap, or all of music really. A lot of his songs are thematically all over the place as he drops one comical line after another, and his visuals always follow suit. Big Body Bes on a white horse, Action in a turbin(?), and an ice cream truck…not really sure what’s going on but it’s always cool visuals and song itself is dope.

Lance Skiiiwalker – Attraction

One of the latest signees on TDE has just released his debut project Introverted Intuition and one of the better songs off the album gets the visual treatment. Keeping with his, what we’ll call “different”, artistry, the video is just shots of snowy fields and an apartment building with what looks like a monster lurking in the windows. The song is a solid B, while the video I’d give an F.


OnCue – 3AM

When I first heard this song, I thought it was one of Russ’ releases, but it turns out it came from long-time DJ Clue collaborator OnCue. The song is cool, a little too similar to a lot of music coming out nowadays, but still cool nonetheless. This video is typical music video affair. Nothing special, but nothing bad either.

KAMI – Home Movies

Chicago is on a run right now, and one of the latest artists doing it just dropped a video for one of his last songs, “Home Movies”. The song is dope, full of synths and a 80’s vibe. The video follows suit, with heavy 80’s teenage movie influences and a girl dancing through the diner. KAMI’s another unique Chicago artist putting out refreshing music.

Kool Keith – Super Hero

Kool Keith is still at it, this time teaming up with MF Doom to create an alright song. The visuals are super fire though, unless you’re prone to epilepsy, because there’s a lot bright flashing colors and lights.

Chance the Rapper – How Great

I would call Chance the spearhead of this new wave of Chicago artists, living proof that you can do things on your own terms and make the music you really want to make and still be successful. He drops a video to one of my favorite songs off of Coloring Book and he shot it all himself using only his iPhone. I would say this is a first and it’s so dope that he’s not afraid to try things like this (best viewed on your cell phone).

What’d you think about the videos that dropped this week? Which ones were your favorites? Did I miss any that I should be checking out? Let me know in the comments below and subscribe to our weekly newsletters if you enjoy the content we put out.

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