DJ Khaled - Major Key

DJ Khaled – Major Key Reaction

DJ Khaled - Major KeyDJ Khaled is like the hip-hop version of Jim Ross. He has a lot of commentary, never actually gets into the action, but yet somehow remains ingrained in the culture. Major Key is the ninth studio “album” by Mr. Khaled and like all of his previous releases it’s more of a compilation than an album. But for all the flack he gets for not actually rapping or producing or writing, he does do what very few people in the industry can do.

He has an uncanny ability to bring together the biggest names out there and get them to hop on a song together. He makes a lot of dream collaborations happen and whether or not they live up to the hype is questionable, but it’s easy to get sucked into the hype at every track listing reveal. I’m almost ashamed to say it but I definitely got pulled into that vortex this go around. I mean, how could a song with Future & Jay Z not be good right? Big Sean & Kendrick? J. Cole? Nas!? Sign me up! There’s no way this could disappoint; right? Right???

“Straight up, late nights mixed with early days
It’ll probably be that way until the pearly gates
Stress weighing on me, they want me to nervous break
These hoes showing fake love when I prefer the hate, man
Sheesh, at least if you real then I have to respect it”

Wrong! Damnit, he did it again. He pulled me in with false promises that he’s never fully lived up to before and  I walked away disappointed. Again. Now I’m not saying that the songs are awful or that there’s no value in Major Key. I’m just saying that overall I found the album to be highly forgettable. Let’s take for example “Don’t Ever Play Yourself”. It’s a song that features, Fabolous, Fat Joe, and Busta Rhymes; no slouches lyrically. I was expecting a five and half minute lyrical onslaught set to a maelstrom of fire, a la “Six Minutes of Death“. But I was left with no feeling, good or bad, just meh. That’s the problem with most of the songs on Major Key, and with all of his “albums”, they provide so much potential but are never able to maximize it. I can’t tell if it’s the production or the artists faults, but all parties seem disinterested. Like Lorenzo said in A Bronx Tale, “The saddest thing in life is wasted talent.”

I know I’m being harsh (and rightfully so), but like I stated before there aren’t any necessarily “bad” songs on Major Key. “I Got the Keys”, while I didn’t think it lived up to the hype will still get plenty of play in my car and the clubs. “For Free” is a certified club banger and “Holy Key”, “Nas Album Done”, and “Jermaine’s Interlude” were all great songs; with “Nas Album Done” being my favorite out of the bunch. Major Key was a decent DJ Khaled album that once again couldn’t live up to the massive potential, but there are a number of songs that will still get play for a few weeks at least.

“Last time I checked I was still breathin’
My neck was still freezin’
Now everybody got an Escobar Season
To every baby on the album cover existin’
This trend I was settin’, it came to fruition”

Did you find Major Key as forgettable as I did? What’d you think about the album? Were you expecting more or got exactly what you were looking for? Let me know in the comments down below and leave a rating for Major Key.

EDIT Sheesh Big Sean, Nas, Kendrick, and J. Cole absolutely went in!!!

DJ Khaled - Major Key
Major Key Reaction
DJ Khaled is back with Major Key, another studio "album" that didn't quite live up to the immense potential in it's collaborations. Like Lorenzo said in A Bronx Tale, "The saddest thing in life is wasted talent."
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Nas Album Done
Holy Key
Jermaine's Interlude
For Free
Hard Passes
Ima Be Alright
Pick These Hoes Apart
Fuck Up the Club
Don't Ever Play Yourself
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