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Jaron Lamar Davis is the first up in our brand new series, LIVING LIFE FEARLESS PRESENTS, where we will be sitting down with and introducing people and brands doing and creating dope and inspiring things. Jaron is a dope up and coming drummer that’s been making major noise down South. He talks about how he got his start in music, his influences, who he’s got on his playlist now, and what he wants to accomplish. He also has some strong opinions about the current state of music and gives some advice to others looking to pursue their dreams.

Jaron Lamar Davis - Drummer

How’d you get your start?

…playing in church. My mother was a choir director and I do recall parking my butt on folding chairs and then playing drums just with choirs. And that, turned into (a ah) an obsession of mine.

Why choose music over ball?

What I really did was juggle the two for most of my life. I had a gap of about five years, probably about 13 to 18 where I didn’t touch a drum set at all because I thought that I’d be the next Allen Iverson or Chris Paul. I feel like music chose me…

Which path’s harder?

I’ve had more success with music than I did with basketball. I’d probably say basketball maybe harder. Just because there’s less opportunities and growing up as a kid, almost every African-American male wants to be a NFL player or play in the NBA…

What drew you to the drums?

I always say I feel like drums, or the drum set, chose me I didn’t choose the drums. And I say that because I started playing when I was too young to realize what I was doing.

Jaron Lamar Davis - Drummer

Do drummers get the love?

That’s a loaded question, because being a drummer we are probably the most egotistical of the musician community…but there is a saying that a band is only as good as their drummer…

What do you want to accomplish?

…at the end of the day I just want to leave a legacy…I try not to hamstring myself and lock myself into a certain genre or goal. I kinda just try to let my inner spirit take control and then just see where it goes…

Who influenced you?

…early on I was inspired by funk, 70’s funk. Ohio Players, The Bar-Kays, Parliament, classic rock, Led Zeppelin. A couple years ago I was going through some trying times in my life. Kendrick Lamar, Section.80, I played that religiously and it got me through some tough times…I’m a jazz head I feel like more than anything…

Jaron Lamar Davis - Drummer

What’s the state of music now?

…in today’s day and age where technology is king, it has taken away from some of us, as musicians, who have spent our whole life, hours upon hours to try to reach a level of mastery…they sell records but our culture is getting a lot dumber by some of the music that’s being written today…

Who’s on your playlist?

I try to take only a minimal, minimal, amount of albums and then study, study, just those albums…Kenny Garrett, saxophone player, Pursuance: The Music of John Coltrane…Midnight Marauders, A Tribe Called Quest, legendary album. Phife Dawg shreds it to pieces. Q-Tip, a genius, also jazz head which you can hear in his music…

Do you have to be fearless?

There is times that you have to use keen judgment…most of the time when you’re young you don’t realize that first impression is everything so your fearlessness can get you in trouble. I’ve burned opportunities with people…you gotta be fearless, you gotta beat the bushes, you have to be realistic with yourself…don’t be afraid to be told no…

What’s next?

…I’m taking it a day at a time, I’m working on a few different projects. I’ve got a mini-documentary I’m working on, just showing the jazz tradition, my love for jazz…the sky’s always the limit…


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