Help us name our podcast

We announced last week that we’ve begun work on our first podcast show where we’ll be talking about our biggest passions: culture and creativity. Well things are progressing nicely, but we could use your help on naming the thing.

Names are so important and so tricky to get right; they have to convey so much information about what they’re representing and yet they still must be simple and easy to remember. We have a few of our own ideas on what to call the podcast but as you’re our audience, we would love to hear what you guys think. So we’ll keep the following poll up for a few days and announce our choice once it’s over.

If you need a better idea on what our podcast will generally be about or if you have any suggestions or other questions, then you can head over to the new Podcast page.

Looking forward to hearing your guy’s opinions! Stay tuned, we’ll have many more announcements and progress checks to come.

We are, as simply as we can put it, a creative entity that strives to curate, cultivate, and create content covering culture and the people that shape it.


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