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The De-Evolution of YouTube? | Features | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

The De-Evolution of YouTube?

YouTube used to be known for its wacky content, but sensationalism seems to be the new wacky. With an influx of people like Paul jockeying for fame and funds, unlike the days of old where pride and developing a sense of community drove creators, YouTube has become a network chock full of money-grubbing wannabes....
We must cultivate our garden; how to support the artists you love | Opinions | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

We must cultivate our garden; how to support the artists you love

Artists have always faced an uphill battle, but new obstacles are being thrown in their way. Emerging technologies have been both a gift and a curse. Over the past decade, artists have grappled with historic levels of economic uncertainty and discord and federal funding for the arts is under attack. In the end, if we’re going to ensure that the arts we love thrive, we’re going to have to do it ourselves....

The Fearless Show

Thank you for everyone's input on our last post; after some further deliberation we've decided on a name for our upcoming podcast: The Fearless ShowNow all of...

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