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Tips: 5 Creative Ways to Advertise Your Event

Whether you’re a musician playing a concert, an artist putting on an exhibition, a fashion designer planning a show, or any other form of creative, raising awareness for your event can be an uphill battle in this day and age.

When planning an event, it is important to advertise appropriately to have the best turnout possible. Without proper advertising, you may miss opportunities to present your event to as many people as possible. Depending on the event, there are different ways to advertise and to reach your target audience. Here’s some creative ways to advertise your next event:

Create a Social Media Countdown

There are millions of people on social media and using platforms like Instagram and Facebook can definitely help advertise your event. For example, Instagram has a countdown feature that can be re-shared by different users. It lets viewers know how many more days until your event.

If you want to get more creative, you may even offer an incentive to those that share the countdown on their Instagram stories. This enhances your visibility to other potential attendees of your event.

Create Teaser Videos

Depending on your type of event, you may create teaser videos to advertise your event. A teaser video would include some information in relation to what your event is about. The trick is to not release too much information and leave the viewer wanting more.

For example, if you are going to book an artist for an event, you may have the artist record themselves and invite the audience to come to your event. Once your video is ready, be sure to add a specific hashtag to it so that when it is shared on social media, users can use the hashtag to quickly access your video with the invitation details to your event.

Reach Out to Social Media Influencers

Social media influencers have thousands and thousands of followers and you may be able to reach out to them to help bring awareness to your event. They can do shout-outs in their daily stories on Instagram or even create a post where they include the details of your event. Whatever you want the influencer to do on social media, be sure that they include a hashtag that can easily be used to search for your event.

Offer Discounted Early Registration

Offering early registration discounts is one way to advertise your event. You can spread the word in regard to your event and include the incentive of them getting a discount if they sign up early. Not only will they be motivated to sign up for your event early, but your advertisement would also be attaining early sales.

Run a Social Media Giveaway

Involving social media users in anything surrounding your event is one easy way to spread the word about your event. For example, you may create a post that users have to like and share to be automatically entered into a drawing for a popular product. Not only will you be engaging with more people, but you will also be shared by every person who chooses to enter the giveaway.

Final Thoughts

Getting creative with advertising is essential so that you may have a good turnout at your event. The easiest way to run creative advertising ideas is to use social media to your advantage. There are different things that can be done using it, such as countdowns or giveaways, and even using social media influencers to spread the word about your event is beneficial. Additionally, promoting by using videos created by the artist who will be at your event is one way to grab the attention of the viewers and will hopefully get you more people at your event. Get creative with your advertising and start having major turnouts today!

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