Tipa Tipo Unpack Relationship at Therapy in New Video for “Cintas de Embalar”

Harkens back to the classic yacht rock sounds of Hall and Oates

“Cintas de Embalar” is the third single from the forthcoming Tipa Tipo album Cintas, to be released on April 5th, 2024. “Cintas de Embalar,” which means “packing tape” in Spanish, is one of the soft rock slow burns on the album that harkens back to the classic yacht rock sound of bands like Hall and Oates and Kenny Loggins, but reimagined for a Latinx audience.  

The track explores packing tape as a metaphor for being so bound together in a close relationship that it’s hard to breathe and hard to have perspective. The track was written and produced by Felipe Wurst and features an interwoven tapestry of electric guitars, Rhodes, and synths swimming over the subtle drumwork of Jordan Auber. 

The comical music video for the track alludes to Felipe and Adele’s ongoing exploration of couples therapy.  In the music video the duo explores their issues with a therapist, which is cut together with shots of the band playing as a trio, with Jordan Auber on the drums, as they slowly tape themselves together to the point of absurdity. 

“This video is our way of showing the flipside of romance and the importance of maintaining play and levity when it comes to untangling the thornier issues of being in a long-term relationship.”  Animations by Peruvian artist Alvardo Giraldo tie the two scenes together. 

How are we feeling about Tipa Tipo’s latest offering, “Cintas de Embalar”? Excitement levels building for the full album?

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