Split System Roar Into the New Year with Their Eclectic Brand of Street Punk on Vol.2

Continuing to flex their high-voltage proto-punk

Australian punk rockers Split System have kicked off the new year with their sophomore album Vol.2.

Continuing to flex the high voltage proto-punk that Split System have modified as their own, Vol.2 showcases this Aussie rock outfit at their very best. Containing a swift and stark display of eleven songs, the album is a sonic cornucopia of muscular street punk and classic rock hooks. Mixed and mastered at Melbourne’s Rolling Stock Studios by Andrew Robinson and Mikey Young, respectively.

Another banger released via Goner Records, Vol.2  conjures up the energetic aura of bands like The Hives, The Chats, and Osees. Here, Split System have continued to flex out their sonic landscape and songwriting through a number of diverse tracks. Some of which include the mid-tempo single “Alone Again”, which riffs on a guitar hook adjacent to a Strokes number. Then there’s tracks like “The Drain”, a moody post punk tune with a roaring bass line bound to get one on their feet.  

In conjunction with the album release, the Australian five-piece shared an energetic video for “The Drain”, which showcases the boys engaging in quirky band shenanigans.

What do you think of Split System’s new LP Vol. 2?

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