Rick Rubin’s Shangri-La Births New Album ‘See You Next Year 2’

Powered by Pigeons & Planes and indie label Big.Ass.Kids

The highly anticipated compilation album, See You Next Year 2, has been released. The project was recorded over 8 days at the famed Shangri-La recording studio, owned by Rick Rubin. Legends such as the Beatles, Adele, Kanye West, and Lady Gaga have recorded their most prolific projects at the studio. Each artist was hand-selected and invited to participate in the recording process. Collaborations were formed in living rooms, on the beach, and other unconventional areas. New friendships and in some cases, psychedelic experiences birthed some of the best music from various artists. The project is powered by Pigeons and Planes and indie label and artist discovery platform Big.Ass.Kids, via Warner Music Group’s ADA Worldwide. 

The album release comes on the heels of the new single, “Bob Dylan Bus” by Kenny Mason and King Isis. Rising rap star Kenny Mason has proved to be an anchor for the project, appearing on the lead single, “Big Bank” with duo Paris Texas and Billy Lemos, as well as “Cannot Forget” alongside Deb Never. Deb Never also appeared on the recent single “Dope Sick” with Love Spells, which was preceded by the soulful AG Club and ICECOLDBISHOP “How to Cry.” The latter received a co-sign from Sir Elton John.

The “Bob Dylan Bus” track stands out as one of the compilation’s most experimental and genre-defying pieces. The album opener’s song title refers to a refurbished tour bus owned by Bob Dylan, which now acts as a shrine at Shangri-La. The Monte Booker produced track presents a unique soundscape with pitched synths, 808 drums, and bass strings, which foreshadow the musical direction of the entire project. King Isis initiates the track with melancholic vocals and emotive melodies, while Kenny Mason follows suit with melody-driven bars that lean more towards singing rather than his usual rap flow. The chemistry between them is evident, with moments where their vocals blend so seamlessly that they become indistinguishable.

Positioning itself as a hybrid of rap and alternative vibes, the eclectic set of tracks offers sonic diversity and multi-layered storytelling. Out now, See You Next Year 2 promises to push boundaries and redefine the musical landscape with contributions from a diverse array of artists.

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