Razor Braids Focus On Being Present In Their Relationships On “It Goes Quiet”

Sophomore Album 'Big Wave' Out June 7

Razor Braids make a splash in the indie rock scene with their new single “It Goes Quiet”. A love song dedicated to abandoning fear and learning to trust in a new romance.

Recorded with Jeremy Given and Jake Cheriff at Paper Moon Studios, “It Goes Quiet” continues to flesh out upcoming album themes of change, anxieties and insecurities, and much more. A heartfelt tune about allowing yourself to be fully present with a loved one, the new track’s vocals represent a sonic flair similar to bands like Alvvays or Japanese Breakfast. Similar to the first single “She”, the track’s grungy production pays homage to 90’s grunge staples like Liz Phair or Veruca Salt. It’s this juxtaposition of sweet, yet rambunctious vibes that make Razor Braids’ sound a refreshingly nostalgic delight for fans of indie rock.

“’It Goes Quiet’ is about the intrusive thoughts that live beneath the surface when you’re in love. It’s a song that delves into the innocuous, mundane things that you ask your partner and how it sometimes feels like there’s this voice in the back of your head wanting to ask these big, totally out-of-pocket questions. But when you let yourself actually be present in the relationship with this person you care about so deeply, that voice melts away and you get to bask in this safe, warm thing you’ve created together.”

Throughout the music video, Razor Braids get bamboozled by the hustle and bustle of New York City. In an overdramatized (yet still pretty accurate) approach, we see various city-goers throw themselves at a perturbed Jilly Karande simply trying to walk down the street. Directed, shot, edited, and conceptualized by Hollye Bynum of Razor Braids, the video displays the ways in which intrusive thoughts make navigating from one destination to another nearly impossible.

How are we feeling about “It Goes Quiet”?

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