Pollyanna Blue Release Rocking New Music Video for “Strong Enough”

Defying the feelings of doubt and helplessness

Following the release of 2023’s celebrated debut studio EP Trials & Tribulations, Bristol-based alt-rock trio Pollyanna Blue unleashed the music video for their latest single “Strong Enough.”

Pollyanna Blue was formed in the summer of 2019 by Zoe Collins (guitar and vocals) and Rich Earle (Bass and vocals). Their name was inspired by a self help book Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway, which talks about a nickname ‘Pollyanna’, typically given to a person who is deemed overly optimistic. That ethos, blended with the waves of difficult emotions life throws at you, creates a concept of musical  juxtaposition within a ’90s/’00s alt-rock atmosphere which sees the now-three-piece wield their self discovery, vulnerability and love of music to create something authentic and raw to connect with anyone experiencing some type of hardship. 

Describing the inspiration behind the single vocalist and lyricist Zoe Collins explains, “’Strong Enough’ is a song written to defy feelings of doubt and helplessness when working through any obstacle that comes your way. The lyrics were written in a time that Pollyanna Blue were about to go into the studio to record vocals. The creative pressure can sometimes become a challenging place for any artist and this pressure became the catalyst for the lyrics. ‘In times like these, when life gets tough, I’ll show myself I’m strong enough’. I took the pressure of writing lyrics and put my positive Pollyanna spin on it and embellished this alt rock anthem with real meaning.”

The band created a stylized performance video using elements of body movement and production to mirror the struggles and mentality of a creative process, incorporating the frustration and anger of a creative block and the weightlessness of no direction or inspiration. The video serves as the bridge between the debut EP and into the band’s exciting new era. With the addition of newest member Neil Loftus (Drums) and a look at how Pollyanna Blue has grown creatively with their latest video, this is a first glimpse at what is yet to come for the rest of the year.

How are we feeling about Pollyanna Blue’s “Strong Enough”?

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