Nick Schofield Shares Video for New Single “Picture Perfect”

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Quebec composer and synthesizer savant, Nick Schofield, has shared a new video for “Picture Perfect,” off his upcoming LP Ambient Ensemble.

“‘Picture Perfect’ is my most upbeat ambient song. It features pulsing piano, sparkling synths and swelling string arrangements – all recorded in a church with naturally resounding reverb.

“The song is about envisioning perfection, while also recognizing the perfection of the present moment.

“This piece shows the trajectory of my music, from working solo with synthesizers to incorporating acoustic instruments with an ensemble.

“I wanted to work with acoustic instruments and an ensemble of musicians after hosting a concert series at Resonance Cafe in Montreal (which is sadly now closed) from 2018-2020 called Ambient Ensemble where I invited small ensembles of local musicians to improvise over my ambient music. It was beautiful and playful, full of serene surprises. The series featured so many amazing musicians – I was joined by label-mates Pietro Amato, Michael Feuerstack and Sarah Pagé, as well as Thanya Iyer, Austin Tufts, Eve Parker Finley, Sean Michaels, Alexei Perry Cox, Desert Bloom, Adam Kinner, Sarah Feldman, Justin Wright and many more. This new album is my way to produce the ‘Ambient Ensemble’ concert series on record. I am in love with how the album turned out because it is equally playful, serene and full of surprises that I would have never come up with on my own – just like the concert series.

“Picture Perfect” is Nick Schofield’s second single from Ambient Ensemble, an amazing evolution of his work beyond his previous solo efforts. Layers of tape-sped piano, synthesizers, and then a small chamber ensemble comprise this stunning album.

What do you think about his ambient new single “Picture Perfect”?

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