New Video “Erase The Morning” from Post-Punk Supergroup Ghost Work

Capturing the isolation and loneliness of the song

Ghost Work, the post-punk supergroup comprised of members and ex-members of Seaweed, Snapcase, Milemarker, and Minus The Bear, debuted a new music video for “Erase The Morning” off the band’s just-released, 11-track LP, Light a Candle for the Lonely

Guitarist, primary songwriter, Sean Husick says, “Shot in the four corners of where we live, the video for “Erase the Morning” is meant to capture the isolation and loneliness that the song itself is speaking to. I wanted those themes of alienation to be represented visually and I feel like the locations, color grading and fleeting focus helps capture that.”

Light a Candle For The Lonely arrives three years after the band’s debut release You’ll Be Buried With and lands somewhere in a post-punk world, but with a grittier edge. Think The Cure and REM, but with an almost AC/DC level of recklessness.

“I had been looking for more mid-tempo rock bands rooted in punk/hardcore and struggled to find ones that I could identify with other than some later Hot Water stuff, Interpol and The Strokes where I often landed,” says Husick. “I set out to craft something in between these bands.” “I think we are showing our confidence on this one,” adds Dustin Perry (bass), “It is definitely another step forward for the band.”

At its core, Light a Candle For The Lonely is a meditation on the stark contrast between the natural beauty of our world and universe and the uncertainty and de-evolution that keeps us from celebrating it. But within that unpredictability, certain growth and constants provide steadier footing. Light a Candle For The Lonely is the search for the authentic in place of the synthetic; the gratitude, humility, and dedication that is paired with a concerted renewal; and the reverberating sound of an unexpected reawakening.

What do you think of Ghost Work’s video for “Erase the Morning”? Have you checked out the new album?

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