Honeycrush Releases Her 2nd EP ‘The Drowning Room’

Suspended reality and regret

Honeycrush’s The Drowning Room is a space of suspended reality. Within it, decision and regret co-exist in two equally viable timelines. Old wounds remain unhealed, time is slowed to a painful pace and truth is warped by the shifting perspective of memory. To live in the drowning room is to watch helplessly while what you love is destroyed over and over. The beauty of the world you built is useless; its once glittering promise is now reduced to soggy ruin.

The second EP from alternative indie rock artist Honeycrush, (Alexandra Antonopoulos) The Drowning Room tells a story of tragic love with a twist: What if you were the unreliable partner all along? What kind of damage can you do to another with your carelessness? And what happens if you care too much?

Written over the course of four days during a bleak midwinter, The Drowning Room is a spare and stripped back vehicle for singer-songwriter and producer Antonopoulos to examine the past. Written, recorded and produced entirely by Alexandra in her home in Brooklyn, its three tracks chart the course of a doomed love. With bare bones arrangements that support Antonopoulos’s vulnerable vocal performance, the veil between listener and storyteller is thin by design.

Are you going to give this one a spin?

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