Gouge Away Announce New LP and Drop Off a Video for “Stuck in a Dream”

Deep Sage is coming March 15, 2024

More than three years since their last new music drop, hardcore band Gouge Away had hinted at what’s to come on their new LP, Deep Sage, with the surprise secret album single “Idealized” in May of 2023.  Now, Gouge Away continue to showcase their power and prowess with “Stuck in a Dream.”

Deep Sage, Gouge Away’s third studio album, started coming together in 2019 during sound checks and in small pockets of downtime between tours. In early 2020, they demoed songs with Brok Mende in an unassuming storage unit in Orlando, FL. Gouge Away pulled influence not only from the nostalgia of the bands they grew up listening to, but also developed a sense of urgency, noise, and introspective lyrics they felt most represented them. Those demos helped shape the songs into the finished record that Deep Sage would become.

Today, Gouge Away’s album opener “Stuck in a Dream” arrives alongside a punchy performance video.  Christina comments, “Recording live and to tape creates an intense environment where we have no choice but to feed off each other’s energy. We have to get it right in one take and if anyone messes up we all have to start over, so no one wants to be that guy. It adds an element of risk and excitement. We don’t want to sound beautifully polished or perfect anyway. We want to sound like the five of us being human, and no one is better than Jack Shirley when it comes to capturing what it feels like in the room.”

Look for Deep Sage to be available on digital and physical formats on March 15, 2024 on Deathwish Inc.  Pre-order / pre-save the album here and look for more news and music from Gouge Away soon.

What do you think of their latest single?

Gouge Away, live:

February 24  Los Angeles, CA @ Hollywood Palladium
w/ Ceremony, Infest, Soul Search, Blazing Eye

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