Frail Body Unveil Ground-Shaking New Single “Refrain”

Blurs the line between post-hardcore and melodic black metal

Illinois-based Frail Body have unveiled their latest single, “Refrain”, from their forthcoming album Artificial Bouquet. Artificial Bouquet explodes right out of the gate before descending into a wash of discordant melody. 

Songs like “Refrain” blur the lines between post-hardcore and melodic black metal in its frantic approach. Frail Body’s Lowell Shaffer (vocals, guitars) comments on the new single: “’Refrain’ is about how insignificant life can feel at the very end. The juxtaposition of a rich and complex life ending in a rented bed. The echoes of those elements of significance and the final moments that must be ushered along with the rest of us all, also being subjected to life’s unjust experience.” 

Frail Body embodies the spirit and soul of what many define as “screamo;” their songs are lamentations about nihilism, death, anxiety, existentialism and hopelessness of existence in modern American society, and both lyrically and sonically they unfurl with ground-shaking emotion.  Their forthcoming sophomore LP, Artificial Bouquet (March 29, 2024 via Deathwish Inc.), is a shining example that the once dormant sub-genre continues to evolve and thrive for all the world to see.

Without question, Artificial Bouquet establishes Frail Body as leaders within the modern screamo movement— all of it so raw and beautifully out of control. See Frail Body on tour this March and April (including appearances at SXSW, Roadburn Festival and more).

Looking forward to their new album?

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