Dent May is Back With a New Bubbling Power Pop Single “One Call, That’s All”

For Fans Of: Eyedress, Sam Evian, Cut Worms

Dent May is back with a brand new track, a bubbling power pop cut entitled “One Call, That’s All.” In conjunction with the single’s release May has also launched a new hotline. You can call 1-833-DENT-MAY now!

The last couple of years have seen Dent May crop up on collaborative singles with several artists, most notably a collaboration with Eyedress called “Something About You” which was certified platinum in October of last year. But, May’s new song “One Call, That’s All” may be the catchiest in his catalog, which is saying something for the Los Angeles pop auteur. Co-written with Paul Cherry, the track slyly takes its name from the slogan of an ambulance-chasing Mississippi lawyer and uses it as a metaphor for unrequited love and phone-based ennui.

May expands on the inspiration behind the track and it’s accompanying video:

The title ‘One Call, That’s All’ is inspired by an ambulance-chasing personal injury lawyer in my hometown who famously used the slogan on billboards and TV commercials. While writing it with help from my friend Paul Cherry, I envisioned a music video where I play such a lawyer, and the idea expanded to riff on a variety of late night infomercial tropes thanks to director Nathan Castiel. The song, the sound of which was inspired by the guitar rock of my youth, flips the titular phrase to simply say, “I love you. Please call me.

With Dent May, the Mississippi-raised, Los Angeles-based musician and pop auteur what you see is what you get: a restless and prolific artist who worships at the altar of a memorable hook and a sharp lyric. There is no gimmick or press-ready narrative about May overcoming past trauma, mental breakdowns, or surpassing insurmountable obstacles. This is simply a guy who is extraordinarily good at making warm and inviting tunes. He’s done it for over 15 years and isn’t stopping anytime soon.

The 38-year-old artist has made a career of impeccably crafted pop songs starting with his 2009 debut The Good Feeling Music of Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele, which came out on Animal Collective’s label Paw Tracks. His follow-ups in 2012’s Do Things and 2013’s Warm Blanket solidified him as a bedroom pop pioneer whose songs felt equally timeless and ahead-of-the-curve. Following a move from Mississippi to Los Angeles, May signed with Carpark and released two increasingly adventurous albums in the psychedelic Across the Multiverse from 2017 and the silky Late Checkout in 2020.

How are we feeling about Dent May’s new return single?

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