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Coaltar of the Deepers Reveal “Wipeout” Ahead of New Collection with Boris

Final single before their 6-song collection with Boris

As they prepare for the release of their 6-song collection with Boris titled hello there, Coaltar of the Deepers (COTD) have revealed their final single offering from the album titled “Wipeout.” 

Narasaki of COTD says, “When we received this offer from BORIS, we wanted to make this ‘hello there’ split LP unique and selected songs from our past. This song ‘WIPEOUT’ is a slightly strange song that starts with the sound of a Japanese instrument called the shamisen, followed by a metallic drone riff similar to THE SWANS. For this rearrangement, I tried dubbing Tibetan buddhism play and layered sounds that were not in the original. I hope you enjoy it.”

Boris and Coaltar of the Deepers (COTD) began at the same time in Japan in the early 1990s and have since followed each other with admiration.  They first joined forces on Boris’s tears e.p. in 2019, where Boris covered COTD’s ‘”To The Beach” (Tortoise EP – 2007).  Boris and Coaltar of the Deepers have performed together numerous times and ideas for collaborating on a split release have gradually been materializing over the years, resulting in hello there which is set for release on March 22, 2024 via Dog Knights Productions.

Both bands have a 30-year history of crossing over genres with their unique methodologies. The concept of hello there is to “present newly recorded self-covers of past songs to today’s listeners,” as well as “a new attempt to specify songs to the other band and cover each other’s songs,” comments Boris. The end result is a split album that highlights the two bands’ stance of linking the past to the future and their shared aesthetic.

How are we feeling about Coaltar of the Deepers and Boris’ last single, “Wipeout”? Looking forward to the album?

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