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Bog Berries Unpacks the Monotony of Adulthood on “Nobody Told Me”

Highlighting the frustrations with growing older

Indie artist bog berries blasts onto the scene with his latest single “Nobody Told Me”.

On “Nobody Told Me”, bog berries highlight the frustrations and melancholy that comes with growing older. Packed with emotional mantras that are further flavored by serene harmonies and wistful guitar patterns, the track acts as a relatable tale for those at a crossroads evaluating their life decisions. At the forefront,  “Nobody Told Me” celebrates concepts of nostalgia, yearning, and perception of reality, all combed into a catchy indie pop potluck.

When speaking about the new track, Cooper Evello of bog berries writes:

 “Nobody Told Me” is a little tongue and cheek because in a lot of ways people have “told me”. I remember my friends dad saying “college will zip by – some of the best years of your life and it will fly by” I remember seeing adults look so sad and talking about work and “the grind” and just all seeming defeated and depressed. I saw adults give up on their dreams and just settle for a job that they kind of like but not too much and they don’t make art anymore and they don’t have hobbies and they just work and eat and clean and go to bed and repeat.”

Shifting gears between intimate bedroom lofi to musical theatre rock, bog berries create a sonic landscape of catchy hooks garnished with emotional lyrics. The brainchild of Massachusetts native Cooper Evello, each bog berries track is warmly condensed with layers of vocal harmonies, enamoring synths, and punchy body percussion. 

What do you think of bog berries’ latest single “Nobody Told Me”?

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