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Aurelance Stands on Business on New Single “It’s Just Another Breakup”

A hyper fusion of pop and rock

Music newcomer, Aurelance is thrilled to release his debut single, “It’s Just Another Breakup”, now available on all streaming platforms.

Though this is Aurelance’s first single, you’d never be able to tell. His hyper fusion of pop and rock manages to feel familiar and fresh at the same time. “I was sick of writing sad songs about getting my heart broken by inconsiderate beings,” said Aurelance. “It was the main emotion that I would tap into when I would spill my heart out on the pages, I felt broken. I repeatedly abandoned myself for people, I struggled a lot with self- esteem. The people around me who have heard my music, they’ve only seen that side of me, the vulnerable sad boy. I’ve grown.” Aurelance was recently featured on Elyrix’s single “Date With Suzy.”

Born out of a love affair with melodies and the magic of storytelling, Aurelance is set to paint the airwaves with a debut that’s as genuine as it gets. Aurelance’s journey into the world of music began with the hum of childhood, where singing was more than a pastime; it was an exploration of emotions. The debut marks the culmination of years spent translating personal experiences into lyrics, creating a musical canvas that reflects life’s highs, lows, and everything in between. From deeply personal moments to universal themes, Aurelance’s lyrics are a glimpse into a world where real stories take center stage.

Genres? Well, Aurelance believes in the beauty of a musical melting pot. So, expect a mix that defies expectations, a debut that refuses to be confined by labels. It’s a musical journey where you’re just as likely to find a soulful ballad as an upbeat groove. Aurelance isn’t just a stage name; it’s a promise of an experience. It’s about passion, strength, vulnerability, truth, sensuality and love—all woven into the fabric of the debut.

How are we feeling about Aurelance’s debut single “It’s Just Another Breakup”?

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