Amigo the Devil Shares Highly-Anticipated Dynamic New Album ‘Yours Until the War is Over’

Amigo the Devil’s most multi-dimensional and engrossing collection to date

Yours Until the War is Over, the highly anticipated new album from acclaimed artist Amigo the Devil, has officially arrived via Liars Club Records / Regime Music Group. Amigo the Devil, the moniker for singer/songwriter Danny Kiranos, also released a playful new music video for his newest single “Stray Dog.”

Named one of the 30 Most Anticipated Hard Rock Albums of 2024 by ConsequenceYours Until the War is Over is Amigo the Devil’s most multi-dimensional and engrossing collection to date. His songs are thoughtful, literary influenced and intelligent with the occasional dash of sardonic wit. Kiranos’ lyrics paint vivid images and serve as cinematic vignettes that address the human condition through flawed characters overtaken by their shortcomings, or precarious situations no one could prepare for. With a title that alludes to Ernest Hemmingway’s entanglement with Agnes von Kurowsky, Yours Until the War is Over displays the depth and breadth of Amigo the Devil’s artistry. It is an album to be experienced from beginning to end to fully recognize the perspective it offers.

Kiranos says of the new music, “I don’t really know what to say about this album because it was such a positive and free experience surrounding the creation of it. The idea that all we have are positive memories regarding songs exploring seemingly hopeless and regretful, often traumatic situations won’t make sense to a lot of people but maybe that’s the whole point of the record. Yours Until the War is Over… although a reference to the vibrant yet fragile connection between Hemingway and Nurse Agnes, it isn’t their story feeding the songs, just a road map for every scenario collected here. I can’t tell if this record was the war or the love story but now that we’re through it, it’s not ours anymore. We’re so damn grateful to have gone through it either way.”

Have you heard Yours Until the War is Over yet?

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