AKTHESAVIOR & sagun Officially Release New Album ‘u r not alone’

Mellow in both sound and spirit

Following a steady cadence of recent singles, rapper AKTHESAVIOR and lo-fi producer sagun have officially unveiled their collaborative new record u r not alone in its entirety. Mellow in both sound and spirit, the fourteen-song project offers up a meditation in slowing down and taking stock of the parts of life that make us feel whole – from allowing ourselves the chance to rebound from our mistakes to earnestly embracing the tribes we build around us.

Created over the past several years, u r not alone bridges AK & sagun’s worlds. Woven into a tapestry of silky beats and smooth rhythms, it’s a project that collides their respective genres of hip-hop and lo-fi, the places they once called home in Brooklyn and Nepal, and even the friends and collaborators they’ve surrounded themselves with. Boasting a star-studded lineup of guest features that includes Mick Jenkins, Pink Siifu, Erick The Architect, A$AP Twelvyy, Jaws of Love (Kelcey Ayer of Local Natives), and Azizi Gibson, u r not alone searches for a sense of community within a social landscape that feels increasingly disconnected.

“’u r not alone’ is a message of solidarity. As humans, we’re all unique individuals, yet we all go through similar experiences and can help each other by spreading love and being more open and united,” says AK about the record. “In this fast-paced society that we’ve created for ourselves, we tend to lose connection to the fundamentals. This album is meant to bring back into view the things that truly hold value in life.”

“’u r not alone’ means we all are connected somehow in this universe,” adds sagun. “No matter how lonely you feel in this life, there will always be someone who will back you up.

The album arrives alongside the debut of AK and sagun’s latest single “Johnnie Talkin.” Driven by plucked guitars & lush strings, the ethereal track borrows inspiration from the whiskey-fueled candor that surfaces after one too many drinks. “Johnnie Talkin’ is a metaphor for the saying “the truth comes out when you’re drunk,” says AK. “On this song, I wanted to be vulnerable and honest to myself as I reflected on my mistakes, goals, and the rollercoaster of everyday emotions. Even though you might see me smiling and enjoying life through social media, I’m still human and going through things underneath the surface.

Are you going to give AKTHESAVIOR and sagun’s new album u r not alone a spin?

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