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2 Shadows Unleash Blistering New Metal Track “Mad God”

Crushing down-tuned guitars and staccato snare

Vancouver based metal band 2 Shadows are heading into the New Year in high gear with their blistering new track “Mad God” on Rock Shop Records.  The song starts with a brief acoustic interlude before bludgeoning the listener with crushing down-tuned guitars and staccato snare sounds, underpinned by thunderous bass drums and piercingly intense vocals.  The song laments how people blindly follow the rules to get ahead in life – often without ever really knowing why they are doing it.

2 Shadows Glen Bridden says “When Tryst and I wrote the song Mad God we were inspired by the Phil Tippett film with the same name. We were blown away by the apocalyptic dystopian setting and the delivery of the horror elements in the movie and it got us excited to try exploring those vibes musically. Our song ‘Mad God”’ended up being the easiest and most fluid song to write and we didn’t make many changes after the first demo.”

He continues “When it came to the lyrics of the song I focused on the dissonance visible in everyday urban life, like how lonely you can feel in a densely populated area and how common it is for people to numb themselves with prescription drugs and the like.  It would seem people feel more comfortable ‘under an influence’ and that’s where the lyric “overdosed on sanity” comes from and where the dystopian horror begins to show itself and come full circle.”

2 Shadows are veteran road warriors and are planning a tour for later this year, in addition to more music releases throughout 2024.

What do you think of “Mad God”?

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