Premiere: LA Grunge Band Lone Kodiak Unveils An Intimate New Music Video for “Obvious States”

A sonic exploration of life's contradictions

Prepare to be swept away on a journey through love, uncertainty, and the beauty of life’s unpredictability as Los Angeles grunge band Lone Kodiak unveils the highly anticipated music video for their latest single, “Obvious States.”

Shot on location at frontman Dainéal Parker’s wedding in the picturesque Scottish Highlands, the music video is a captivating visual narrative that perfectly complements the themes of the song. With well-shot home footage capturing moments of raw emotion and candid intimacy, “Obvious States” offers viewers a glimpse into their deeply personal journey of love.

“Obvious States” is a sonic exploration of life’s contradictions and complexities, with lyrics that delve into the tension between uncertainty and predictability. Set against a backdrop of gritty guitars and driving rhythms, Lone Kodiak’s distinctive grunge sound provides the perfect canvas for Dainéal Parker’s vocals and evocative lyricism.

As the lyrics poignantly declare, “It’s hard to say when I lost my hope… It’s hard to make plans when I don’t know if we have a future.” These words resonate with listeners on a profound level, capturing the universal struggle to find meaning and connection in a world that is simultaneously ever-changing and static.

Lone Kodiak has garnered acclaim for their distinctive blend of grunge, alternative rock, and indie sensibilities, earning praise for their captivating live performances and emotionally resonant songwriting. Officially coming together in 2016, they quickly became a feature of LA’s independent venue circuit, and was among BuzzBands LA’s Bands to Watch.

The “Obvious States” music video comes fresh off the release of Lone Kodiak’s debut album If We Have A Future, which is available to stream now. Lone Kodiak is definitely a band to keep on your radar.

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