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No More Euphoria Until 2025 – and No, Zendaya isn’t Dead 

Six years is a really long time to be in high school

HBO’s TV series Euphoria debuted in June of 2019 and aired its first season that summer. Due to COVID, the second season did not arrive until January of 2022, although a pair of specials arrived in December 2020 and January 2021. 

First, creator Sam Levinson made the worst HBO show of all time, The Idol, ahead of a new season of Euphoria. And now, thanks to the now-settled WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, there will be no more new Euphoria until 2025, HBO announced this week. It was included in a “sizzle reel” of 2025 programming, that also includes new seasons of The Last of Us and The White Lotus

HBO is also in its second ownership regime since Euphoria started; who knows if Discovery will even still be in charge when the show returns in two years. 

Sure, those delays provide a respite for those of us with massive backlogs of streaming shows to watch. But that’s a LONG time in between new episodes, especially for a show about high school kids. A lot of the cast members, after all, are going to be pushing 30 by the time we see the show again. 

One thing that is likely to happen, though, is that members of the cast will become even more famous due to their movie and outside work before the new season of Euphoria arrives. 

Zendaya is pushing towards becoming an A-lister, Sydney Sweeney is as well, and Jacob Elordi is getting huge movie roles, I get the sense Saltburn is going to make him into a real star. Colman Domingo, who plays a supporting role on the show, might win an Oscar this year for Rustin. 

Zendaya Isn’t Dead

And speaking of Euphoria, a website called Inside the Magic did something really dirty this week, in regards to Euphoria. It ran a story with this headline and photo combo: 

You would think from that, that Zendaya was the one who died, right? After all, it’s her picture, and she is “beloved,” young, and the face of the show (“Legend” might be pushing it, but she is certainly talented.) But actually no ― the story is about the death of Kevin Turen, a producer of the show, who passed away at just 44. 

On this site, the late producer is mentioned for the first time in the 15th paragraph of the news story about his own death, and he’s not even the first death mentioned (the first is that of Angus Cloud, the actor on the show who died earlier this year).

What is the point of this? To get people to click over at something that isn’t true? Won’t anyone do that, to read about the non-death of Zendaya, and get so mad that they’ll avoid that site from now on? It’s also, of course, pretty damned disrespectful of the guy who did pass away, to be mentioned in the 15th paragraph of his own obituary. 

It’s also not even the first time that site has done that this week. 

That’s not even “clickbait”; that’s just straight-up lying. When is a Google algorithm going to punish that sort of thing?

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