Twenty Years On, Tommy Rock Opera by The Who is Returning to Broadway

Back in 1969 The Who’s rock opera Tommy was all the rage, which was turned into a movie by Ken Russell in 1975, and then into a theater production that played on Broadway from 1993 to 1995 (with one-off show in 2008). Now, some 20 years on, the play version of the rock opera is returning to Broadway in March 2024.

The production will be hosted by Nederlander Theatre from director Des McAnuff and the band’s Pete Townshend, starting with previews on March 8 before a full opening on March 28, 2024.

Townsend himself announced the production in a press release:

“In 1969, when I originally wrote TOMMY with The Who, nobody had ever written popular music songs about trauma, nobody talked about bullying, and domestic sexual abuse was a subject that was virtually censored.

“Then, in 1993, working with Des on the staged theatre piece, we broke the established rules for a musical show. Now, the current generation is breaking all of those rules again—and what Des has achieved with this incredible new production honors them and their courage and audacity. I can’t wait to see how this newly empowered show connects with younger Broadway audiences today. I hope the younger ones come, for they will identify in an entirely new and important way with Tommy’s tumultuous life. Meanwhile, longtime fans of TOMMY, The Who, and all their music will be blown away by this new show.”

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