TikTok’s Parent Company Released a New App that Turns a Hummed Melody into a Song

It significantly lowers the music creation barrier

ByteDance, the company that owns TikTok has now come up with a new, AI-powered app that supposedly ‘significantly lowers the music creation barrier.’

According to Music Bussiness Worldwide, the free-to-use app called Ripple has two key features: a ‘Melody to Song’ generator and a virtual recording studio.

The Melody to Song feature lets users sing or hum a melody directly into the app, and Ripple will then expand the melody by generating an instrumental accompaniment in a variety of different genres.

The length of the music outputted will match the length of the song inputted and the model currently has the ability to create instrumental music outputs only.

A Bytedance spokesperson told MBW in a statement that “Ripple is designed to inspire musical creativity and help musicians, artists and composers express themselves.”

They added: “We’re excited to see how creators use Ripple to tap into their creativity to soundtrack their own short-form videos.”

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