Phil Spector’s Daughter Tries to Prevent an Auction of His Property With a Lawsuit

Nicole Spector is suing Julien’s Auctions

Julien’s Auctions is possibly the biggest Los Angeles auction house, mostly dealing with Hollywood and music memorabilia that was preparing an auction of late producer/convicted murderer Phil Spector’s memorabilia.

Phil’s only daughter Nicole now wants to prevent that auction by suing Julien’s auctions, claiming the items actually belong to her.

TMZ has obtained a copy of the lawsuit, in which Nicole says she only recently found out about Julien’s “Music Icons” auction, which features 82 items the auction house has been promoting as coming straight from Phil’s estate.

Among the items… a letter from President Nixon, a baseball signed by Mickey Mantle, tickets from a 1966 Beatles concert, a book signed by Yoko Ono, and tons of gold records and album cover plaques.

Nicole claims Julien’s told her they got the stuff from a woman named Sheryl Coughlan, who told them she got the property from Phil’s daughter. The problem is, Nicole says she never gave any of Phil’s property to Coughlan or anyone else.

In her suit, Nicole thinks her late father’s ex-wife Rachelle may be to blame… claiming she believes Rachelle misrepresented herself to Coughlan as Nicole when transferring the items.

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