A Rare Edition of The Beatles’ First Album, Please Please Me, Fetches a Huge Price

It was found in a charity shop

A rare edition of The Beatles’ first album was found in a London charity shop and was auctioned off, fetching a price of £4,200 (approx. $5,348).

The record was found by the shop manager at a Cancer Research UK charity shop in Enfield, North London, which she initially thought to be worth a few hundred pounds.

According to a report by News Chain, the vinyl was discovered to be the first pressing from the original masters of the famous foursome’s debut studio album Please Please Me, released in 1963, which features the Parlophone black label with gold text.

The find was processed by a dedicated online trading team and listed on eBay with a starting price of £1,499.99, before it was bought for a winning bid of £4,211.89.

Cancer Research UK shop manager Ms. Madden said: “When I first spotted the vinyl, I thought it might only be worth a few hundred pounds.

“The record was in good condition, with only a few marks, but the sleeve was pretty damaged and worn, with a cut at the base, some scuffs, marks, aging, and stains.

“There was even a name written on the back.

“Luckily, at Cancer Research UK we’re trained to spot donations that can raise more money for life-saving cancer research, so after taking a few pictures and Googling the record, I knew we had something special!”

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