Nintendo’s Animal Crossing LEGO Collection is REAL, and There’s Proof

LEGO Tom Nook and Isabelle on the way

LEGO and Nintendo have a fruitful partnership over the years, as LEGO has slowly been working its way through Nintendo’s many franchises. One franchise however, has yet to get the brick treatment, despite countless rumors. But that’s all ended as it’s confirmed that Animal Crossing LEGO is a real thing, and it’s coming (hopefully soon).

Multiple reliable LEGO leakers, suggested that Nintendo would work with the toy company on five Animal Crossing sets ranging from $15 (170 pieces) to $75 (535 pieces). Now, Nintendo has confirmed those leaks with a simple tweet:

Fans have been asking for this for years with many even submitting designs to the LEGO Ideas program. Two of them even made it to the 10,000 votes required for Lego to consider producing an official set.

They haven’t shown off any sets yet, just the teaser you see above that shows off some of the minifigs in animated form. No release dates, either. But, when they do inevitably release, and at whatever price they’re set at, we’re sure they’ll fly off the shelves.

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