New Voice-Swap AI Software by DJ Fresh To Ensure Protection of Artists’ Voices

Voice-Swap creates a digital clone of artists which can then be used by subscribers

As MusicTech report, Dan Stein – aka DJ Fresh – has unveiled his new AI software, Voice-Swap, which allows artists’ voices to be protected and safeguarded.

According to the press release, the software is distant from other AI platforms “embroiled in copyright infringement controversies,” as Voice-Swap “stands firms on protecting artists’ rights, ensuring fair compensation every time their voice is employed”.

It states that Voice-Swap is an example of how AI can be used responsibly and ethically, as it ensures that all artists are provided with a pro-rata share of the revenue generated from their voice model usage.

To be a part of Voice-Swap, you need to upload 25 minutes of singing, or 8 A Capella tracks to the site. From that, the software will create a digital clone which can then be used by subscribers.

It appears that Voice-Swap seems to be the first AI software that has an artist-payment model at the forefront, which is certainly a positive direction.

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