wht.rbbt.obj Release Tour de Force New EP Whiskey Hotel Tango

Bluesy, Smoky, Sexy, and Raw

After a year of touring, opening for some amazing bands (Eve6, MoonWalker), playing regional and national festivals (SXSW, Milwaukee’s Summerfest), wht.rbbt.obj (Pronounced “White Rabbit Object”) has finally launched their first highly-anticipated EP, Whiskey Hotel Tango. This EP marks a significant milestone in the band’s artistic journey, as it will be the first in a trilogy of EPs which promises to showcase the band’s diverse musical influences.

In Whiskey Hotel Tango, wht.rbbt.obj plays the part of the ‘68 Fastback Mustang, and River Toussaint Rabbitte, your femme fatale chauffeur. The listener is forced to strap themselves into the passenger seat, while River dances the band across rain slicked roads, thru snake turns, and across the empty farmland of this country at breakneck speeds. She drives the band to extremes with a Garage Rock flair in, “Love On Hold,” she cries the blues about what people think of her, what she lost, and her desperate need to get back home in “No Rainbows In Indiana.” But then she suddenly pulls her foot out of the throttle, and takes a moment to bear her soul about her love in “Keep You Like A Secret (Tidal Wave).” She reminds her passenger who is really in control in the alternative revenge anthem, “Queen’s Gambit,” but then returns to her rock n roll ways with a big smile in “Give it to Me.”

“There is always a lot of pressure surrounding your first record but every song that we put on this one speaks to who we are as a band and we think that’s pretty special.”

“We love that this record feels so unequivocally us and that people are responding to it in such a positive way. It’s a great feeling to know that your music found a special place on someone else’s speakers.”

Bluesy, Smoky, Sexy, and Raw. wht.rbbt.obj is a “femme fatale” fronted, guitar driven alternative rock outfit from Chicago, Illinois. What started as a secret side project for a married couple, Frank & River Rabbitte, wht.rbbt.obj has grown into a four piece musical tour de force. In June of 2022, wht.rbt.obj was selected to perform at The Richmond International Film & Music Festival where they were awarded the “Critics Choice Award for Music and Performance.” In November of 2022, their newest single, “Once More Down The Rabbit Hole” won a songwriting award from USA Songwriting Competition.

What do you think of their new EP Whiskey Hotel Tango?

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