UK Pop Singer Aimie Atkinson Releases Her Debut Single “Monster”

A song about unleashing your inner beast

The UK pop singer, Aimie Atkinson, is normally known for her powerful performances on the West End stages, as a mainstay in the musical theatre world, but she’s making her full on foray into the world of pop music with her debut single “Monster.”

A stunning debut that’s sure to get the crowd going, accompanied by an equally captivating video.

Aimie Atkinson is an Olivier nominated actor who won the BBC Voice Of Musical Theatre Award and The Voice of Astana. She is known for her theatrical roles in West End musicals such as Pretty Woman, In the Heights, Death Note and most notably SIX the musical, Aimie can be heard on the SIX album which went gold last year and has been streamed over 100millions times.

“I wanted to write a song people could dance to at Halloween events. I love Halloween and wanted to combine dark lyrics with an uptempo beat. The song is about unleashing your inner beast! Having always been told to keep all your demons inside your own head ‘Monster’ is about letting it all come out! Not being afraid to show the darker side of yourself”

“Monster” is just the start, its a part of a larger EP which will be coming out in 2024. “I think its the scariest thing to write something and put it out into the world to be judged, however I feel that I have to do this! To feel the fear and do it anyway is my motto”

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