The Royalty Page Introduce a Fresh Sound With New Single “Breaking Point”

Single and video from their latest EP

Dynamic duo The Royalty Page drop their new single, “Breaking Point.” Bursting onto the scene with a quality blend of hip-hop and R&B, The Royalty Page bring a fresh perspective to the music scene, fusing rhythmic beats with soulful melodies.

“Breaking Point” is a sonic journey that takes listeners through the diverse landscapes of both genres. With a pulsating beat that underlines the track’s hip-hop roots and vocals that effortlessly weave through soulful R&B melodies, the single showcases the duo’s versatility and musical prowess. The lyrics delve into themes of heart-break and toxic relationships.

The video and single come off their latest EP, T.U.F. Meets T.I.O. which released this past July. If the rest of their output matches the level of quality displayed here on “Breaking Point,” then The Royalty Page are definitely a duo worth keeping an eye on. Wavy music for sure.

What’d you think about their new single “Breaking Point?”

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