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Singer-Songwriter Isabella Dussias Unveils Indie Pop Ballad “Honest”

An indie pop ballad that explores themes of heartbreak

Isabella Dussias, the rising star in the indie music scene, just released her emotive and soul-stirring single, “Honest.” Isabella Dussias’ “Honest” is an indie pop ballad infused with folk influences that explores themes of heartbreak and vulnerability in the face of manipulation.

The song “Honest” delves deep into the complex emotions of falling victim to manipulation while grappling with heartbreak. It tells a compelling story of one person leading another on, even when unspoken mutual feelings exist. Isabella’s lyrics capture the emotional turmoil of dealing with someone who won’t fully commit, yet can’t help revealing their affection. The central lyrical theme of being “too honest” with oneself underscores the experience of being so self-aware of manipulation that it becomes challenging to act naturally, confirming the manipulator’s success.

“I really enjoy pulling from my background as a composer in writing for strings and some more typical orchestral instruments, and I think I definitely tapped into that in the production of this track.

“I hope this song can provide some kind of catharsis to whoever may be experiencing a similar, frustrating situation.”

Isabella Dussias’ expert songwriting, combined with her unique blend of instrumentation, creates a gradually intensifying atmosphere in “Honest.” The track begins with delicate elements like the ukulele, violin, and harp in the first verse, reflecting vulnerability and hesitation. As the song progresses, the lyrics evolve from expressing helplessness to frustration, and the production mirrors this emotional intensity with the introduction of drums, electric guitar, and piano. “Honest” features a gradual build that eventually erupts into an emotional crescendo.

Isabella Dussias is an artist to watch in the indie pop and folk music scene, and “Honest” showcases her versatility as a musician and her ability to connect with audiences on a deep, emotional level. With her powerful storytelling and musical prowess, Isabella has already made waves in New York City and is poised to captivate listeners worldwide with her latest release.

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