Sari Jordan Releases Dreamy Alt-Pop Album Sing to the Moon

Exploring notions of self discovery, healing, unrequited love, introspection and closure

Rising Alternative Pop artist, Sari Jordan just launched her highly-anticipated EP Sing to the Moon on Friday, October 13th. The light and uplifting 4-track collection is a bubbly wonderland that explores notions of self discovery, healing, unrequited love, introspection and closure. Jordan gifts listeners with a well-crafted collection of songs and stories that reach the soul.

Compiled of songs that were written between 2021 and 2022, Sing to the Moon is the byproduct of Sari Jordan’s journey – a delicate balancing act between schooling, working and pursuing musical aspirations. This album plunges into complexities of human emotions, signifying a significant chapter in Jordan’s growth and evolution as a artist.

“Making this record showed me how important it is to get to know yourself. I hope these songs create an immersive haven for people to be comfortable with spending time alone,” Sari Jordan.

Sing to the Moon appeals to a musical palate that is vulnerable, light-hearted, honest, and soulful. Jordan’s Norah Jones-esque vocals are seamlessly complemented by a modern take on jazz-pop instrumentals that run throughout this record. Jordan’s “learning-through-doing” approach to artistry not only applies to her recording process for this album, but also shines through in lyrical themes. Jordan sings about cycles of conflict, healing, and closure – all intertwines in a reflection of the past. The Alt-Pop singer hopes listeners can resonate with the feelings related to growing pains and being scared to flourish. Jordan shines through as a standout up-and-coming artist both artistically and spiritually with the picture she ​has painted in this release.

Each track on the album encapsulates a distinct emotion and storytelling style, making it a captivating journey from start to finish. Jordan’s experience as a live performer in New Orleans shines through with dynamic live band arrangements and the gentle yet commanding presence she forges.

Track 01 – “Daydreams” – A dreamy, wistful, defensive lament inspired by bedroom jazz and broadway. Yearning, with an emotive melody. Inspired by a stubborn crush. Influenced by Eloise, Bruno Major, Billie Eilish, broadway.

Track 02 – “Ceasefire!” – Modern and eclectic. Comforting and expansive. A song that is, at its climax, dark and tense, but cathartic in its resolve and release. Ethereal background vocals bring the song back down to an earthier place once it lifts off. Sounds inspired by psychedelic rock, neo soul and broadway. It has a distinct and dynamic live band sound and arrangement. 

Track 03 – “Sing To The Moon” – A spirited, sentimental love letter is sent to New Orleans within the lyrics, arrangement, and instrumentation of this track. Inspired by traditional (“trad”) jazz styles. 

Track 04 – “Deep End” – A vocal-heavy, sad-girl Americana take on a 2023 synth ballad. Sounds like a breakup cry. Even though electronic elements are at the forefront of this song, this is one of the earthier tracks on the record. Inspired by Maggie Rogers, Phoebe Bridgers, Becca Stevens, Andrew Bird.

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