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NYC Pop-Punk Band Shower Beers Shares Big-Riff Single “One More Shot”

Fun, high-energy pop punk

NYC-based pop-punk outfit Shower Beers have recruited Australian punks SoSo for their nostalgic new single “One More Shot.”

From their witty name to their high-energy sound, Shower Beers embodies the not-so-serious pop-punk spirit pioneered by acts such as blink-182 and New Found Glory. Fusing elements of easycore and ska on “One More Shot,” Shower Beers are setting the bar high for their highly anticipated sophomore EP Miracle on 34th and 3rd, on which “One More Shot” will be featured.

“In “One More Shot,” I particularly love what we did with the 2nd verse – jumping from easycore to ska underneath that mile-a-minute vocal delivery just felt like such a funny move while I was writing it. Really happy with how it turned out,” Chris Diorio.

Along with the new single, Miracle on 34th and 3rd will feature a myriad of exciting artists, including Atlanta’s glimmers, Boston’s We Demand Parachutes, and Orlando’s Outatime! Shower Beers’ brainchild Chris Diorio is beyond excited for the project: “I’m thrilled with every feature we have on this new EP. These are all really talented artists that I love listening to – to have them sharing these songs with us has been a great experience.”

“When we started creating ‘Miracle on 3th & 3rd,’ I really wanted to prove that Shower Beers can be taken seriously despite how not-serious some of our music is. So while this EP is peppered with some over-the-top moments and cheeky samples, at its core it’s still a collection of catchy choruses and a ton of energy. I feel like we created something that does the pop punk genre justice – just how much justice is up for debate.”

An official release date has yet to be announced for the EP, but fans can expect it in early 2024.

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