New Film from Yoshiki, Under the Sky, Features a Number of Well-Known Pop Stars

Among those appearing are The Chainsmokers, St. Vincent, Sarah Brightman and more

Japanese composer, drummer, pianist, and leader of rock bands X Japan and The Last Rockstars, Yoshiki is releasing a film that includes a number of modern popular artists.

Yoshiki is a big name in Japan, as he composed a concerto for the Emperor of Japan; was the first Japanese man on the cover of Vogue Japan magazine; was chosen to be the first living person to have a Hello Kitty doll named after him, called “yoshikitty,” and has received international recognition for his continued philanthropic efforts.

Titled Under The Sky, his first feature film includes appearances by The Chainsmokers, St. Vincent, Sarah Brightman, Scorpions, HYDE, SUGIZO, SixTONES, Jane Zhang, Lindsey Stirling and Nicole Scherzinger.

“When I first began working on this project, I didn’t know when we would all be able to gather in the same place and share the joy of music,” says YOSHIKI. “Coming together with these great artists from around the world, we were able to create a theatrical experience that I’m very proud of. I’m so grateful for everyone who joined us on this journey and I’m incredibly excited to be releasing the film in UK cinemas this December.”

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