“MAY”, the First Single from Belgian Rapper Avishaï Off His Upcoming EP

First look at his upcoming EP 'LAST TIME I SAW YOU'

Brussels-based rapper Avishaï will introduce us to his first EP in early 2024, but the 28-year-old artist is not quite the newcomer in the music space. As soon as 2015, he turned his love for American Hip-Hop into music after spending a year in the Bay Area. This double-crush for rap and American culture took the shape of a mixtape called The Glory Days, helping him get noticed by the likes of Concours Circuit and Tremplin de Dour.

The young artist then gets a college degree, learns how to produce his own tracks and integrates his multi-instrumentalist background into his production. At the same time, he copes with his difficult return to Belgium and the grief-like nostalgia of a golden year in the US, which will ultimately inspire him in his writing process.

All of this culminates today into the single “MAY”, which speaks to his last day in California and the impossibility of saying farewell.

Melancholy in the subject matter, nostalgia in the lyrics but also an intensely colorful production made of spatial melodic layers, a subtle west-coast sound and some 808s that will shake any soundsystem.

This first serves as the intro for the rapper’s first EP titled LAST TIME I SAW YOU. An opening door to Avishaï’s musical and artistic universe which you will discover the multiple facets of in the upcoming months.

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