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LA’s Hip-Hop Artist West Shares Love Song to Inner Self, “Same Me”

"Same Me" caps off a prolific 2023 for the rising artist

LA hip-hop artist West has shared his new single “Same Me,” available to stream now on all DSPs worldwide + YouTube. The track is an ode to the importance of remaining unchanged throughout changing external circumstances. It is a declaration that one person’s external success comes from internal consistency and fortitude, not the other way around, where most people believe internal satisfaction comes from external success. 

“Above all, it is a love song to staying the same you; to the idea that no matter what happens, the most important thing is to stay true to yourself despite external success, pressures, money, fame etc,” says West. “The main melody comes from a plucky classical guitar sample, which is paired with a children’s chorus that adds a certain haunting, dark yet whimsical emotion to the song.”

“Same Me” caps off a prolific 2023, highlighted by the success of “Euro$tep,” which became one of the most viral songs of 2022-2023. “Same Me” delivers on the expectation set by “Euro$tep,” and provides the essence of what new fans have come to expect from West: bold, high energy rap music with substantive messaging.

Inspired by the pop, hip-hop and singer-songwriter genres he absorbed as a youngster, West first began to explore music through playing piano, guitar, singing and writing songs. Fast forward to today, West’s sound takes on the form of either woozy, catchy pop melodies or brash, confident hip-hop anthems – along with any combination in between.

During 2020, West experienced his first influx of fans from his records “A-List”, “I Miss You More”, “Give Me Love” and “Wait For You”. Building upon his early successes, he followed up in 2021 with more songs like “It’ll All Be Over”, “Like This”, and “Shooters”: all of which experienced viral moments on TikTok. Poised for a big 2022, West landed his first Spotify Editorial placement with his song “Better Alone”. A few months later, he released “Euro$tep”, which has since then proven to be his breakout record. In a few short months, the track amassed over 13 millions streams, resulting in over 300k organic videos on Instagram and TikTok, and averaged ~150k streams a day.

This viral success has since catapulted West to over 30x growth since the year before, along with a large influx of new listeners and numerous placements on national television. Moving forward, West plans to continue capitalizing on his momentum by releasing songs, creating content and organically growing his fanbase brick by brick.

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